Axcess Staffing On-Line Application

Temporary Employee Acknowledgements

Nature of Temporary Employment

I understand that any work I accept through Axcess Staffing Services or any subsidiary, affiliate or related company (hereinafter “Axcess” or the “Company”) is temporary work and may last one day or longer, but these assignments with Axcess’ clients (“Client”) will end. I also understand fully that the range of pay will vary between assignments from the minimum wage on up.

As a temporary employee employed by Axcess, I understand my continued employment is conditional upon, but not limited to, the following criterion:

Benefit Plans

I understand that I am a temporary employee of Axcess and not of the Client and that I am not eligible and will not participate in the Client’s pension plan or any other employee benefit plans established by the Client for its employees. I will be paid directly by Axcess as its employee and issued a W2 and am entitled solely to Axcess’ pension and employee benefit plans, if any.


I understand that my rate of pay from Axcess may be greater or lesser than that received by other individuals who are performing similar services at our Clients, regardless of whether they are employees of such Clients or other agencies.

I understand that it is essential that I submit my timesheets for payment immediately after the workweek has ended. I must accurately report actual hours worked. I understand that the practice of submitting an expense report for reimbursement in lieu of reporting hours worked on a timesheet is strictly prohibited. All work hours outside of my normal work assignment, whether overtime or not, must be pre-approved by my supervisor before being worked. If I have worked overtime hours and have not received payment, I must notify Axcess immediately. While Axcess complies with all applicable state and federal laws concerning the payment of overtime, violation of this policy will subject me to discipline up to and including termination.

Personnel Policies and Procedures

I will perform my job to the best of my ability and not intentionally harm the relationship between Axcess and its Clients. It is my responsibility to learn, understand and accept all policies and procedures of both Axcess and the Clients to which I am assigned. Any violation of these written or verbal policies and procedures may result in the termination of my assignment with Client and/or my employment with Axcess.

I will notify Axcess if I have been asked to perform any function that I am not trained to do, that I am not comfortable with, or that was not assigned by Axcess. I understand that a change in responsibilities may affect my rate of compensation.

Only the CEO/President of Axcess or his/her designee(s) may represent the Company’s position to the media. All media inquiries, whether verbal or written, are to be directed to the CEO/President. I am prohibited from granting interviews or making statements to the media on behalf of Axcess, or any subsidiary thereof without the express written consent of the CEO/President.

Conscientious Employee “Whistleblower” Policy

Axcess demands the highest ethical conduct from its employees, representatives and contractors, including compliance with all federal, state and local laws and Axcess’ own policies and procedures. I understand that if any employee, representative or contractor is aware of any such breach or potential breach of such law, policy or procedure with respect to Axcess, I should bring such problem to the attention the Human Resources Department by calling (800) 754-7000, ext. 2522. If the problem is not resolved after discussion with Human Resources or if I feel that discussion with that department is inappropriate, I am encouraged to approach the CEO/President of Axcess. Axcess will not tolerate any form of retaliation against an individual who avails him/herself of this procedure or who participates in an investigation. The procedure should not be construed, however, as preventing, limiting or delaying Axcess from taking any disciplinary action against any individual, where Axcess deems disciplinary action is appropriate.

Solicitation and Distribution

To avoid interference with the operation of Axcess or its Clients, solicitation and distribution are prohibited except as described herein. Under no circumstances, may non-employees solicit, sell, or distribute materials or literature for any purpose on Axcess or Client property. I may distribute literature, materials or items not directly related to my assigned work on Axcess or Client property but only in non-working areas during my scheduled non-working time and the non-working time of any employee I may approach. Non-working areas include such places as locker rooms, cafeterias, break rooms, etc. Non-working time includes breaks and meal periods. I may solicit on Axcess or Client property for any purpose not directly related to my assigned work only during my scheduled non-working time and the non-working time of the employee being solicited. I may post material on Axcess or Client property only with prior authorization. I may sell items not directly related to my assigned work only with proper authorization at the sole discretion of Axcess and the Client in non-working areas during my scheduled non-working time and the non-working time of any employee I may approach.

Workplace Conduct

I understand that as a temporary employee of Axcess, I am expected to conduct myself in an appropriate and lawful manner. I understand that Axcess prohibits all unlawful and unsafe conduct, including but not limited to, acts or threats of violence including destruction of property and assault and battery, theft (including the theft of time by time record falsification), fraud, etc. I understand that engaging in such conduct will subject me to disciplinary action up to and including termination and possible legal action.

Applicable Labor Laws

I understand that there are labor laws specific to the state in which I am employed. More specifically, I may be required to take break and meal periods. For more information regarding this topic, I may contact my local Axcess office.

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